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Tracking and rewarding your sustainable behaviour....

We all know sustainability is important but with no standardised framework, funding, education, or support available, how do we all start to behave more sustainably?

GB Shared is here to help you. Noting the sustainable impact of your activity on our platforms, we tailored our customer journey, and partnered with CSR-A to ensure members could be supported, educated and rewarded for sustainable activity, whilst they do business.

As you use our share site to help yourself to connections, visibility, funding and more, we’ll identify, track and reward your sustainable actions with green points, they’ll be delivered with educational messages so you know exactly why you’ve earned them and how to earn more.

Better still, we’ll create a log of all your activity and the points earned, on a sustainable report which will help you understand your progress. Your report can also be used when applying for sustainable accreditation to evidence your current activity, just download your report and include in your submission.

If you’re already accredited, our unique tracking can make re-accreditation seamless.

Sustainable Tracking

How do I earn green points?

It’s not just planting trees and using green energy that can help you become more sustainable, there’s lot’s you can be doing in your business on a daily basis to contribute to climate change, and we’re on a mission to ‘share’ that with everyone. Below is a list of just some of the areas of your share membership that can earn you green points. We worked with global accreditors to understand which activities they measure you on during accreditation. Below are some of the activities that would be recognised in applying for sustainable accreditation.

Creating local supply chains
Connecting local businesses can create local supply chains which keep more money and opportunity in our county, stimulating the economy and reducing carbon outputs. Keep helping yourself to introductions!
Recruiting locally
When you share your vacancies, we share them with local people, this can help your staff retention and improve local deprivation, it also helps reduce travel (carbon) and unemployment locally. Share your vacancies today!
Procuring locally
Our platforms allow members to procure locally. Whether you want to fully tender or just shout out for a local print company, accountant or to outsource your HR, when you procure locally, we reward you with green points.
Supporting charities

Being a socially responsible business helps to embed social values and can earn you green points. When you connect with a charity member who you go on to help, we’ve given them the ability to gift you green points!

Supporting youth
There’s no doubt that helping future generations adds social values and therefore earns you green points too. Our national youth platform allows members to share work placements, internships, life skills, careers advice and more!
Operating online
During the global pandemic, there was a significant reduction in carbon outputs as more of us operated virtually. Our site monitors how much you utilise membership and operate online, rewarding you with green points.
Advertising sustainably
Our digital magazines are a great way of advertising sustainably, they’re online so never printed, meaning no toner, no petrol in delivering them and therefore, less carbon. Green points are available for advertising with us!
Networking virtually
We could never replace face to face networking, nor would we want to, however, our member meetings are a great alternative giving you local, regional and national connections. Join us in connecting online for more green points!
Acquiring sustainable services
Our platforms ask all members ‘do you offer a sustainable service’ where they do, we group these products and services together, if you go on to procure a sustainable service, we’ll track and reward you with green points.
What Next? Login to start sharing to earn green points, or learn more through our sustainable resources below.

What next?

Sustainability quiz

Take our free interactive questionnaire to see where you are on the CSR-A roadmap. Results are based on activity you're already doing and it helps you to learn how to improve.


You can visit our sustainable education pages here for a range of resources to help you better understand sustainability. Members benefit from automated tracking of their sustainable activity with built-in educational messages.


Visit our sustainable tracking pages to see how and which areas of our membership earn you green points. These rewards are issued to help you identify sustainable activity, educating you and move you toward sustainable accreditation (optional).


Our partnership with CSR-A helps us to offer members a global sustainable accreditation. While you do business, our platforms uniquely track and reward your green activity, moving you a step closer to accreditation.


Get your sustainable services seen more widely. Are you a member who offers a sustainable service such as solar panels, green energy, eco products or furniture, then let us give you an extra boost by flagging your offering in our sustainable signposting area.


Need a sustainable service like green energy or renewable technology, eco products or services? Our signposting area makes it easy for you to find sustainable services in your local area.

Sustainable register

Need a sustainable supplier? Members are welcome to access the UK's sustainable supply chain register. Any member achieving CSR or an equivalent global sustainable accreditation are also welcome to showcase in the UK’s sustainable register.

Member benefits

Don't forget, our sustainable features make up just a fraction of your membership, you also get our full list of member benefits, returns and leave a positive impact!

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