Sustainability education

Educating the masses on sustainable activity through free resources...

We all understand why sustainability is important, the challenge is knowing how we can help. The great news is, there’s so much you are probably already doing, or can start doing, to begin contributing to a sustainable future for us all.

By ‘sharing’ with everyone, we can all make a considerable impact.

GB Shared exists to make life and business easier, as well as leaving a positive impact at local and global level. Our unique partnership with CSR-A, a recognised global accreditor, means we can also share a plethora of sustainable resources and expertise with you to help your journey.

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Sustainable Marketplace

GB Shared

Sustainable Accreditation

CSR Accreditation

GB Shared exist to help make your life a little easier and, in an ideal world, encourages local activity, with a global impact.

Our marketplaces are uniquely designed to share, creating equality when it comes to accessing local information or opportunities, they’re totally free to use, you only join and pay to ‘share’ and access member benefits.

Those benefits include the ability to do business virtually, locally, ethically and sustainably and the more you use us, the more opportunities and rewards you earn, and the more sustainable you become. Your membership will naturally identify, educate and reward your sustainable behaviours, capturing your sustainable activity and moving you a step closer to our optional, sustainable accreditation.

This means you can focus on helping yourself, whilst we do the rest, all your activity and green rewards are on your dashboard!

Recognising the sustainable impact of our platforms and membership, we partnered with CSR-A in 2022. We wanted to both educate and reward members on their existing sustainable activity.

CSR-A are perfectly positioned as our sustainable partner. They offer a globally recognised sustainable accreditation, are time, quality and cost-effective, moreover, they love the ethos of sharing and how it can help businesses to become naturally more sustainable.

We carefully mapped their accreditation to our customer journey, to capture and evidence your activity, uniquely blending business with sustainable behaviour.

Today, our platforms identify, capture and reward your sustainable behaviour, moving you toward accreditation and a place in the UK’s sustainable supply chain register.

Access an array of sustainable resources below...

Free resources, raising your sustainable awareness

GB Shared

It’s not all about green energy and planting trees. Sustainable activity is also recognised as recruiting locally, helping charities, creating local supply chains and much more.

CSR Accreditation

Getting Started

Struggling to grasp sustainability? Do you find it hard to recognise what it is you already do sustainably, or know what you can start doing?

Why not try the CSR-A interactive benchmarking toolkit, developed to help you get started on your sustainable journey. This tool-kit is designed to provide the inspiration and information required to prepare you for accreditation application.

You can also complete the interactive application toolkit, this is designed you to help you prepare and structure your CSR accreditation

It is now more important than ever to show that we are doing all we can to be a responsible business. CSR-A has established a new, relevant and holistic framework that delivers an up-to-date standard for environmental and social responsibility, try our free resources today.

What do assessors measure you on?


  • Waste
  • Supply chain
  • Energy
  • Natural resources
  • Travel
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  • Training
  • Labour practices
  • Ethical practices
  • Governance
  • Policy
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  • Engagement
  • Local issues
  • Wealth creation
  • Projects & groups
  • Education
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  • Charitable involvement
  • Volunteering
  • Pro bono
  • Fund raising
  • Financial & gifts in kind
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What are the benefits of accreditation?

CSR Accreditation will...
Demonstrate ESG compliance
Identify relevant UN SDG's
Level up your tendering power
Recruit and retain talent
Manage and mitigate risk
Protect and enhance your brand

Breaking it down for you...

The CSR-A global sustainable accreditation framework looks at your organisations’ sustainable activity via a structure of 4 unique pillars:

  • Workplace
  • Environment
  • Community
  • Philanthropy

Share membership will encourage and identify sustainable activity that you do, which matches those activities that CSR-A capture, and count as sustainable activity during accreditation. The free resources across these pages, will help you capture wider evidence of your sustainable activity.

Each pillar is broken down with an interactive crib sheet, to help you get started, capturing activity you’re already doing and more importantly, the right activity, in the right place, helping you to understand where you need to improve.

Sustainable Resources...

Want to keep ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainable education? Here we share an array of sustainable resources in partnership with CSR-A who sometimes offer share member discounts.

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What next?

Sustainability quiz

Take our free interactive questionnaire to see where you are on the CSR-A roadmap. Results are based on activity you're already doing and it helps you to learn how to improve.


You can visit our sustainable education pages here for a range of resources to help you better understand sustainability. Members benefit from automated tracking of their sustainable activity with built-in educational messages.


Visit our sustainable tracking pages to see how and which areas of our membership earn you green points. These rewards are issued to help you identify sustainable activity, educating you and move you toward sustainable accreditation (optional).


Our partnership with CSR-A helps us to offer members a global sustainable accreditation. While you do business, our platforms uniquely track and reward your green activity, moving you a step closer to accreditation.


Get your sustainable services seen more widely. Are you a member who offers a sustainable service such as solar panels, green energy, eco products or furniture, then let us give you an extra boost by flagging your offering in our sustainable signposting area.


Need a sustainable service like green energy or renewable technology, eco products or services? Our signposting area makes it easy for you to find sustainable services in your local area.

Sustainable register

Need a sustainable supplier? Members are welcome to access the UK's sustainable supply chain register. Any member achieving CSR or an equivalent global sustainable accreditation are also welcome to showcase in the UK’s sustainable register.

Member benefits

Don't forget, our sustainable features make up just a fraction of your membership, you also get our full list of member benefits, returns and leave a positive impact!