Where Sharing Began

Sharing began with our first county Lancashire, aptly named, Lancashare. The first 100 businesses pledged to ‘share’ their resources and opportunities back in 2016. Lancashire's businesses harnessed the concept, working online to connect, buy, sell, recruit, grow, and to find and share opportunities within their county. We tracked and measured the reach and returns, giving them every reason to keep sharing.

Over the coming years, we continued to grow and invested in developing our platforms, encompassing Mancheshare, Cumbriashare, Yorkshare and Merseyshare and, in 2023, we expanded further, across the northeast, which became our fastest moving region! Our platforms are empowering businesses to drive change in their own region and having a local and global impact.

In 2021, we introduced our national youth platform, TheGen.Online, allowing members to ‘share’ opportunities with, and leave a legacy for, future generations, winning a national award in its’ first year.

Noting the sustainable impact of our offering and embedding a global sustainable accreditation, in 2023, our founder won the Women In Innovation Award with Innovate UK for creating the UK’s first sustainable marketplace & supply chain register, completely powered by UK businesses.

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Our Timeline

  1. Lancashare launches

    Hundreds of businesses pin their colours to their county mast and start sharing, creating countywide collaboration and a central resource pool to share and enable equality.

  2. NW Expansion

    As sharing grew, so did we, winning multiple awards, becoming Northern Powerhouse partners and launching Mancheshare, Cumbriashare, Yorkshare, Merseyshare.

  3. National Youth Platform

    The pandemic displaced so many young adults. With the support of Innovate UK and hundreds of business members, we developed TheGen.Online, enabling members to ‘share’ opportunities with future generations, nationally.

  4. Northeast Expansion

    The first 100 businesses joined us following our launch in the Northeast with the aid of our first ambassador, it became our fastest moving region.

  5. National Expansion

    Founder wins the Women In Innovation Award 2023 with Innovate UK to become the UK’s first sustainable marketplace & supply chain register offering global accreditation.

We joined and have felt a number of benefits, we were the first member to acheive global sustainable accreditation earning the first place in the UK’s sustainable supply chain register.

Neil Horner

Founder P34B

Lisa Edge

Founder, GB Shared

Imagine the power of connecting our country, empowering every business to drive change, to work locally, ethically and sustainable across the UK

Business made easy

As head of employer engagement for almost two decades, I spoke to thousands of employers, of all shapes, sizes and sectors.

Their frustrations were repeated, ‘where is the local funding, where are the grants, which is the right networking group for our business, how do I find local talent, skills, tenders’, and many more every day frustrations.

Unable to persuade public sector colleagues of the benefits of collaboration, in 2016, our founder left the public sector, launching Lancashare, empowering local businesses to ‘share’ to drive change in their own region.

With each county’s content powered by their respective business communities, sharing quickly spread, and in just 7 years, UK businesses led us to our national destination.

Anyone can take from our platforms, but the real benefits come from sharing. GB Shared aims to create an equal society, where we benefit the planet in the process!

GB Shared benefits

  • Promote your business to thousands locally
  • Help our County to prosper
  • Advertise your vacancies for low cost recruitment
  • Drive sales to your business
  • Access exclusive online discounts
  • Expand your supply chain
  • Let your supply chain come to you
  • Find funding opportunities to help your business grow
  • Find tender opportunities
  • Save your procurement teams time and money by promoting your purchases online
  • Find out about local business events
  • Find out which networking organisation best suits your business
  • Nominate your business for one of the many local business awards
  • Advertise or find a business or property for sale
  • Find and share advice on our online forums

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