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Understanding Sustainability

What are the benefits of being more sustainable? Find a range of sustainable resources below which we share freely to help everyone understand what sustainability really is and how we can ALL help!

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Knowing Where You Are

There are so many aspects to sustainability, it's hard to know where to begin. Let us help you. Take our free sustainable questionnaire and see where you are on the CSR Roadmap to sustainability. It will help you to understand your position based on what you're already doing.

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How You Can Help

Don't want to join us? Why not register for free? You can join our talent pools, register for job alerts, find funding, special offers and local services knowing every click helps a local business. If you're a business, why not join your region, share your content and reap the benefits!

Member benefits

Sustainable Accreditation

We partnered with CSR-A to bring our members the option of a global sustainable accreditation and a place in our sustainable supply chain register. It's free to register, and you're welcome to download your sustainable rewards report to submit as evidence.

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Northern Powerhouse

Why is sharing sustainable?

The UK's first sustainable marketplace and supply chain register. Our share platforms are central to each UK county, centralising and sharing regional resources. Membership with us brings more than just business opportunities, we naturally encourage sustainable behaviour, connecting local businesses and charities with their communities, sharing funding and tenders locally, stimulating our local economies, sharing local jobs with local people to reduce local unemployment and so much more.

We are the modern-day membership with impact, ensuring our members can do business with purpose. Their activity has a direct impact on their business, their region, and the planet engaging the masses in contributing to net zero. All shared activity is tracked for our members and captured in their personalised dashboards, to show the reach and impact of their sharing. When members carry out sustainable activity, we track this separately and reward them too!

With climate change so high on the world's agenda, GB Shared harnesses the power of our UK business community to contribute toward climate change and become more sustainable, making the UK a market leader in sustainability. Many of our members are already doing plenty of sustainable activity, they perhaps just don't know it.

GB Shared was designed to connect counties, to naturally encourage sustainable behaviour, to educate, signpost, track and reward it, gently moving our members toward global sustainable accreditation for a commercial and competitive advantage. With out planet in crisis, government spend weighted on a businesses' sustainable standing, it's more important that we ALL become a little more sustainable and contribute to making our planet a better place for future generations.

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Need help understanding sustainability?

Sustainability quiz

Take our free interactive questionnaire to see where you are on the CSR-A roadmap. Results are based on activity you're already doing and it helps you to learn how to improve.


You can visit our sustainable education pages here for a range of resources to help you better understand sustainability. Members benefit from automated tracking of their sustainable activity with built-in educational messages.


Visit our sustainable tracking pages to see how and which areas of our membership earn you green points. These rewards are issued to help you identify sustainable activity, educating you and move you toward sustainable accreditation (optional).


Our partnership with CSR-A helps us to offer members a global sustainable accreditation. While you do business, our platforms uniquely track and reward your green activity, moving you a step closer to accreditation.


Get your sustainable services seen more widely. Are you a member who offers a sustainable service such as solar panels, green energy, eco products or furniture, then let us give you an extra boost by flagging your offering in our sustainable signposting area.


Need a sustainable service like green energy or renewable technology, eco products or services? Our signposting area makes it easy for you to find sustainable services in your local area.

Sustainable register

Need a sustainable supplier? Members are welcome to access the UK's sustainable supply chain register. Any member achieving CSR or an equivalent global sustainable accreditation are also welcome to showcase in the UK’s sustainable register.

Member benefits

Don't forget, our sustainable features make up just a fraction of your membership, you also get our full list of member benefits, returns and leave a positive impact!

A united approach to climate change....

Everyone can get involved in sharing to help with climate change, all you need is access to the internet.

Our unique platforms are there for everyone, to encourage equality, sharing of knowledge, resources and opportunities. By sharing, we allow everyone to see everything. Just by using our platforms, you help local businesses, either through your views of their content or by applying for their jobs, properties, special offers, events and anything else they share.

For them, they get the 'feel good' of giving back, as well as filling their jobs with local talent, filling their events, improving their reach, growing their connections and accessing shared opportunities in their region.

Sharing by region helps keep it local, stimulating economies, reducing deprivation, unemployment, carbon outputs and embedding social values. Sharing digitally, means less carbon too, for every hour our members are online, they're not in their cars, they're more productive, and operating locally, ethically and sustainably.

Sharing also allows you to leave a legacy for future generations, to connect with charities, education and other businesses.... together we are stronger.

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Choose your county...

GB Shared is on a mission to connect our country in the most sustainable way possible.

There’s no doubt you can have the most sustainable impact by joining your region first, but you are then welcome to join other areas, either by county, by region or nationally.

By selecting a county from our UK map, you can see it's shared content. Each region needs a minimum of 100 businesses willing to share before it officially launches, so if you’re county isn’t open yet, why not pledge your support, register your interest and share it with someone else!

Share to grow, share to help, share to impact...

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