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From sharing your business for visibility and great brand exposure to improving your google rankings and digital footprint, facilitated introductions, opportunities and leads, we give businesses every reason to share, and to keep sharing. In fact, the more you share the more you get and the bigger impact you have.

Add users from across your organisation to help you maximise membership. Procure and recruit from your county, share opportunities with future generations or help yourself to all the opportunities that everyone else has shared. Set up your profile, indicate your preferences and personalise your journey.

Be more productive through online working, travel less by connecting in a digital environment, find business, tenders, funding and help your region and the UK, to operate a better way.

Sharing helps your business, your region and the planet... Join us to start making a difference today

Free to use, you only join to share content.

Help yourself, every click helps a local business.

Business Benefits

  • SEO & Google Optimised Business Listing
  • Share or access vacancies / local talent pools
  • Share or read local news and press releases
  • Share or access events & networking groups
  • Share or access awards
  • Share or access offers
  • Share or access property
  • Share or access training & education
  • Share or access funding
  • Share or access tender alerts
  • Procure locally or access tender support
  • Contribute to and access data & intelligence
  • Host or enter our competitions
  • Contribute or access business surveys and results
  • Access sector groups and collaborate by industry
  • Share to or access our national youth platform
  • Facilitated introductions nationally
  • Digital returns tracked & reported
  • Sustainable activity tracked & rewarded
  • Sustainable accreditation available
  • Supply chain registers available
  • Digital magazines (sustainable advertising)
  • Member meetings & GBConfex invitation
  • Philanthropic activity and gifting
  • Contribute to climate change, reduced unemployment
  • local supply chains and a stimulated local economy
  • Support charities and future generations
  • Add 5 organisation users for free with one membership

Public Sector Benefits

  • Same great business benefits as members
  • Attract and create local supply chains
  • Access sustainable supply chains
  • Help reaching SME spend targets
  • Help reaching sustainable spend targets
  • Help reduce local unemployment
  • Ability to share tender opportunities locally
  • Support your business community and high street
  • Share local funding opportunities
  • Promote your services to local residents
  • Help stimulate your local economy
  • Help encourage sustainable behaviour
  • Pre qualified tender applications & bid support
Affordable Membership, all tracked and measured with incredible returns and a direct impact on your region and the planet

Charity Benefits

  • Same great business benefits as members
  • 50% discount on membership fees
  • Promote your fundraising
  • Promote your events & celebrations
  • Connect with local businesses
  • Generate social value by gifting rewards
  • Help encourage sustainable behaviour
  • Help encourage philanthropic activity
  • Early bird access to free shared opportunities
  • Ability to ‘gift’ points to businesses who support
  • your charitable activity
Connecting our county and country in the most sustainable way

Your Returns Tracked

There are so many returns for sharing...

From the moment you list your business on your county platform, it begins to be seen. All members get a google optimised micro page in their county, promoting their business locally.

Throughout the year, you can share lots of content, which we’ll then share for you, tracking the reach and the returns, from your views and clicks to impressions and connections, our unique return on investment reports are available on your dashboard and capture it all.

Encouraging you to work online helps our carbon outputs, working locally helps your region, this is all sustainable activity, which is great for the planet. To help you see how you’re contributing, we track and reward you with green points as you share.

For those who wish to become recognised for their efforts, we offer a global sustainable accreditation, those successful in accreditation, can earn a place in the UK’s sustainable supply chain register.

Encouraging local activity with a global impact.

Personalised dashboard

Personalised dashboards and reports show members exactly what returns they are generating from sharing, increasing productivity, local working and your digital and sustainable footprint.

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A collective contribution to climate change

Not Ready To Join?

We don’t pressure anyone to get involved in sharing, and we don’t charge for accessing our shared content, in fact, sharing platforms were created to make life easier for everyone.

  • If you need to find work, sign up for free job alerts.
  • If you need funding, check out our funding pages.
  • Need a product or service, find a local business.
  • Looking to improve your skills? See our training pages.
  • Want to grow your network, reach out and connect.
  • Like staying up to date? Sign up for news alerts.
  • Love to bag a bargain? Visit our Offers pages.

All these are free services to help our county. Businesses of YOUR county are busy sharing and you can help them, by helping yourself - every click helps their brand visibility.

What's in the Marketplace?

Here are some of the many benefits and features of the GB Shared Marketplace

  • Local Businesses
  • Talent Pools
  • Job Vacancies
  • Training
  • News
  • Events
  • Awards
  • Networking Groups
  • Property
  • Discounts & Offers
  • Digital Magazines
  • GBConfex
  • Member Events
  • Tender Opportunities
  • Bid Support
  • Funding & Grants
  • Networking
  • Facilitated Introductions
  • Data & Intelligence
  • Sector Groups
  • Charities
  • Competitions
  • Surveys
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Register
  • Sustainable Education
  • Sustainable Accreditation
  • Digital & Sustainable Tracking
  • Personalised Dashboards
  • National Youth Platform
  • Guest Speakers
  • Guest Teachers
  • Internships
  • Placements & Projects
  • Education
  • Accommodation
  • Funding
  • Support
  • Career Advice
  • Future Talent
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Life skills
  • Return on Investment Reports

Your key to sharing

  • Free user benefits

    Free users can access any shared content with a red tick, all our platform content is powered by members of your business community.
  • Paid user benefits

    Our paid member businesses join us to share. They power our platform content across the UK. Paid members benefit from full access and all our member benefits.
  • National youth platform benefits

    Only paid members can share content to power our national youth platform.

Finding everything in one place makes things so much easier... leaving a positive impact makes it better

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