Talent pools

Tired of finding it hard to find work? Struggling to recruit the right people?

Employment has always had its challenges, but there are ways to make things easier and simpler. Our share platforms offer a win win scenario in the world of recruitment, putting local people and local jobs in one place and sharing them freely.

Whilst member businesses can share their vacancies in the right counties, our free users can sign up for job alerts by county or sector, bringing the two together. Our talent pools offer a vacancy recommendation service, meaning you can be better matched to jobs, and employers better matched to talent like you!

No risk matching

We never hold sensitive data in our platforms, meaning our talent pool offer is not invasive. To protect you and your identity, we never request personally identifiable data. Here's how it works:

If you are a business looking for better vacancy matches from local talent pools, simply complete the additional 'matching' fields when you add a vacancy from your dashboard.

If you are an individual looking for recommended vacancies, sign up for free job alerts by logging in and visiting your dashboard, then complete the additional talent pool matching fields.

You will be asked to provide details of your employment history such as salary, management and qualification levels, this data will help us find and recommend vacancies that match your answers.

When our member businesses successfully recruit from our local talent pools, we award them green points for their sustainable actions, recruiting locally helps retention and helps reduce travel, and local unemployment, and in turn, our carbon outputs.

Need more?

  • If you're 16-24, you can sign up to our national youth platform free of charge for local job alerts.
  • If you are a business looking for apprentices, upload your vacancy for sharing and tick the youth platform option
  • If you need to source education resources, local colleges and universities are also sharing, visit their pages and connect
  • If you need extra help, why not search our business register to find a local recruiter or other support?
  • Or you can visit our data and intelligence pages to see your regions’ unemployment rates

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