Sector groups

Sharing by sector...

Collaborating by sector can be extremely beneficial. It can help to share best practice, opportunity, advice, support, supply chains, partnerships and much more. Our sector groups are there to help members share and collaborate within their own sector or industry, improving relations and their chances of growth and success.

How do they work?

Accessible to our members, our sector groups create a safe place for our members to connect and collaborate in their own industry. Each user of our system can access 2 sector groups, one from their own industry and another of their choosing. They can change their second group twice in year.

Which groups are open?

Below are our live groups from across the UK, each group must have one or more sponsor to become live. Sponsors lead, approve and moderte group content. Where users wish to lead on a topic, sponsors and system administrators will be responsible for approval. See the groups open below, you can only enter your own and one other group.

What are the rules?

Only positive content is prohibited. Members are asked to flag each post as; general comment, opportunity, connection, partnership potential, funding opportunity or lead, this will help us understand which elements of each group are best utilised and adding most value. We will share this info on our data and intelligence pages. Please refrain from posting email addresses, and instead use the connect button so we can record this for you. You must be logged in as a paid member to access our sector groups.

If you're a member, visit your dashboard and profile to see which groups you are opted into or to change them. Then feel free to visit your groups latest content below.

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