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Gifting is philanthropic and can bring great benefits, from helping those less fortunate, to feeling good, through to helping create a culture of recycling or sharing, rather than wasting. It's more sustainable, as such, members who giftshare are rewarded with green points where eligible.

If you've got a spare bit, why not share it? Surplus furniture or products you'd hate to throw away and think someone might benefit? Services you'd like to donate...? Share it here, we offer our charity members first look.

Nothing spare to share but still keen to be philanthropic? Why not buy a service from our platform members and gift it to another business who needs it...

Gifting for Green Points

Our giftshare area is reserved for surplus business items that may be beneficial to your community or other businesses. We also have businesses sharing time, services and products. This differs from special offers and discounts, all items here are shared and offered for free. If you have a special offer, saving or discount, please see our offers pages.

Giftshare is a way for members to 'share', rather than waste, surplus goods or to donate goods and services. As it's philanthropic activity, we validate gifted items for their impact, awarding green points where appropriate.

To gift an item(s), paid users can find their 'giftshare' button on their dashboard and click to contribute. If your item is verifed, it will be listed here for others in your county to see. Where your gift aids another we'll reward you with green points as sharing (giving) can have a range of sustainable impacts.

How it works

  • Visit your dashboard and add your item eg: x4 surplus desks and chairs
  • We will validate your item and notify you
  • Your item will be listed below and our charity members given first access
  • Wider access will then be given to other paid members and finally our free audiences
  • Where your gift is accepted we will connect you, adding your activity to your sustainable report and awarding green points for validated activity

Our Giftshare Ambassadors

We all know there are those special people who like to share and give, they are always positive and usually great connectors. Well, these are just the kind people we need to shout about sharing and encourage philanthropic activity. Giftshare Ambassadors are by invitation or recommendation only and add incredible value to society.

Debra Blackman - Founder Viessentially

We invited Debra to be our first Giftshare ambassador in 2023. Debra initially became a share member and wasn't just a great 'sharer' but one with passion and purpose in her sharing.

We purchased a number of Debras' hours, gifting them to businesses we knew needed them. Not only did they really benefit, we felt great and Debra got some business! That's where the concept of GiftShare began, so only fitting that Debra be our first invited ambassador.

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