Competitions & Surveys

Share or Win with our compeitions!

Fancy your chances at winning this month's competition prize? Our members are invited to sponsor or 'host' our competitions free of charge, providing they provide a gift of minimum value. It's a great way for them to share and get brand awareness, meanwhile, you get the chance to win something great!

To be in with a chance, you'll need to answer both the survey question AND the competition question. Your survey answer will be used to help us collect local intelligence and opinion, which we'll share with you. Your competition entry will be sent to the member hosting the competition you enter, you'll also need to agree to them receiving your data (email and name).

Good luck!


Imagine being armed with local intelligence, how much could that help you?

Knowing which jobs are plentiful in this county, but not as popular in the next. Understanding public sector commitments to spending sustainably and with SME's like you, and how your area is performing. What would it mean to know what funding is available to you, what tender opportunities are current, or to see local skills levels or access local talent

With huge audiences across the UK and with your help, GB Shared are able to pose a question to UK businesses and communities regularly, capturing your real time opinion and the views of those around you. We will always share the full responses with you, so we all know how our county and others are performing or thinking in key areas.

Your platform, your voice

Visit our data and intelligence pages for more information or to see what data we've already captured.

Why they matter

  • Allows us all to contribute to our thoughts on current affairs and topics of relevance
  • Allows us all to have a shared understanding of localised, regional and national real time thoughts on current affairs
  • Gives businesses a voice to express their opinion on key matters
  • Allows government and stakeholders to see real time business and community opinion on key topics
  • Ensures equality of information to call
  • Data can be used to inform local strategy